At age 22 while living in Mongolia I developed a severe chronic pain condition that effects every aspect of my life. Continuing this blog reminds me that life's challenges are stepping stones meant to lift us, not roadblocks meant to defeat us.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hey I found out that the thing they saw on my back is just a small cyst, and after further examination they don't think that is the source of my pain. We don't know why the cyst is there, but it is small and doesn't need to be removed surgically. This is actually okay news, we still don't know exactly why I am in so much pain but I really didn't want to have anything wrong with my spinal cord, so I am pretty relieved. I am trying a normal diet with gluten now because I hadn't noticed any benefits from following the diet the past several months, so we will see if eating gluten makes me worse. I had pizza hut stuffed crust pizza this week and it was even better than I remembered it ;) Thanks for the support!

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  1. Dear Ashley, We are sorry to hear that your pain continues. You are still in our thoughts and prayers.

    We extended several months, but leave our mission on the 6th of May--going back home to Utah.

    We will continue to pray that you will have a break through!

    With love,
    Elder and Sister Lasson